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Weld Testing

Weld testing is a crucial aspect of ensuring the integrity and reliability of welded joints in various metal structures. The goal is to identify any potential defects or weaknesses in the weld before a failure occurs, ensuring that it meets safety standards and quality requirements.

Weld testing can be carried out through Non-Destructive testing, but some inspections may require a more in-depth method using destructive testing methods. Destructive testing involves physically testing a sample to the point of failure. While non-destructive testing methods provide valuable insights, destructive testing can reveal the material’s properties and behaviour under extreme conditions.

Our destructive testing includes a comprehensive analysis, involving tensile testing and elongation, impact testing, macro and micro examinations (depending on the sample material), and metallographic tests including volume fraction, hardness surveys, and corrosion testing.

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Routine testing gives you confidence and assurance for the integrity of your weld joints.

Welding tests and inspections cover a broad range of products, including forgings, bars, plates, valves, tubular products, pressure vessels, and pumps. This reflects the diverse applications of welding across different industries.

The testing and inspection processes are applied to various materials, such as ferritic/austenitic stainless steels, austenitic stainless steels, nickel base alloys, and carbon steel. Different materials require specific testing techniques to ensure the integrity of the welds.

Identifying typical reasons for weld failure, such as cracking, insufficient penetration, incomplete fusion, porosity, poor penetration, and undercutting, helps focus testing efforts on critical aspects that could compromise the weld’s structural integrity. Failures in welds can have significant consequences, particularly in critical structures like buildings, pipelines, and pressure vessels. These failures can lead to safety hazards, environmental damage, and financial losses.

Should a failure occur during destructive weld testing, we have a team of qualified metallurgists on hand that can carry out a failure investigation to ascertain the cause of failure.

Welding tests and inspection play a pivotal role in ensuring the reliability and safety of welded structures. By addressing potential issues early and conducting thorough evaluations, the industry can minimize the risk of failures and continually improve welding practices. The involvement of qualified metallurgists adds a valuable layer of expertise in understanding and mitigating the causes of welding failures.

Combine weld testing and welding inspections for complete peace of mind.

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