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Failure Investigations

Failure investigations play a crucial role in metallurgy, offering valuable insights into the behaviour of materials under various conditions and aiding in the improvement of manufacturing processes, product quality, and safety standards.

At BES Group, we specialise in conducting thorough failure investigations to uncover the root cause and nature of material, component and structural failures.

With our expertise in metallurgical testing and materials science, we offer detailed analysis to help you understand what caused your product or material to fail, and how this information can prevent future incidents and enhance the reliability and performance of metallurgical components and structures.

Whether you’re facing a production setback, quality issue, or safety concern, we’re here to assist you in identifying the underlying factors contributing to the failure and we will help you to implement effective solutions.

Causes of failure can include:

  • Product design flaws or processing errors
  • Raw material issues or material selection
  • Operational stresses
  • Misuse of the product or component
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Have you experienced a product or component failure?

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Our Process

The main purpose of conducting failure investigations in metallurgy is to pinpoint the exact factors and circumstances that led to the failure of a component or material. By thoroughly examining the microstructure, surface characteristics, and elemental composition, we can gather and evaluate the crucial information that played a role in the failure.

Fact Finding

To begin a failure investigation, we gather as much information as possible about the part’s history, including:

  • Material type and specification (if known)
  • Processing technique
  • Events leading up to the failure

Our failure investigations require a complete understanding of the operational and environmental factors that the material was subjected to. We may ask for information regarding:

  • Temperature, pressure and humidity of the service environment
  • Any exposure to chemicals or corrosion
  • Mechanical loading and cyclic stress the part may have experiences
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Once we have gathered as much information about the part’s history, we can then begin our investigations. We conduct a comprehensive analysis, including mechanical, metallurgical and chemical analysis testing.

  • Preliminary visual examination to reveal any defects, fractures or corrosion
  • EDX microanalysis, performed using a facility on our Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
  • Scanning electron microscope examination to establish fracture mechanisms
  • Metallographic examination to determine microstructural features, such as phases present, heat treatment condition and internal material flaws
  • Hardness testing
  • Tensile testing
  • Chemical analysis to check the sample meets compositional requirements
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Findings and Reporting

Once our tests are finished, we’ll gather all the test results and findings into a single comprehensive report. This report will include photos and images of our analysis.


We can assist you in understanding the results of your test report and explain why your sample has failed. We’ll provide a detailed explanation of the examination and investigative findings to help you make informed decisions for your production and quality processes. Additionally, we’ll simplify any technical jargon so that you fully comprehend the results.


Failure investigations are more than just pointing fingers or placing blame. They are opportunities to learn from mistakes and make constant improvements to the quality and performance of materials and structures. By fostering open communication and collaboration, we can assist you in enhancing production processes, fostering innovation in product development, and ultimately achieving superior results for both you and your customers.

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