Reduce risk and maintain compliance with our specialist risk management services.

We’re proud to be a leading provider of complete life cycle risk management solutions. From ensuring asset safety and legal compliance with our thorough engineering inspections to driving operational efficiency with our specialist non-destructive testing services, (and much more in between), we’re proud of the long-lasting partnerships we have formed with our customers over the last 160 years, based on the value of our solutions.

All about BES Group

Your trusted advisor in end-to-end risk management

We’re proud to be a leading Testing, Inspection Certification and Compliance organisation, providing our customers with the very best end to end risk management solutions. With roots that go back as far as 1859, we’ve been putting the safety of our customers first for many, many years.

Our team of experts work across a number of sectors, inspecting, testing and monitoring the safety and operational efficiency of plant and machinery, civil infrastructure, road tankers and much more. In addition, our specialist engineers provide the highest standard of bespoke consultancy support on all manner of projects, working as trusted advisor for our customers when they need us most.

Impressive growth

Embarking on our journey as an independent business in 2015, the BES Group has witnessed a remarkable trajectory characterised by stratospheric growth.

This upward ascent is not merely a testament to our dedication but also underscores our commitment to setting new standards in excellence, customer satisfaction, and a forward-thinking approach within the dynamic landscape of risk management solutions.

Our narrative of success is woven through a dual strategy—fostering organic growth and orchestrating strategic acquisitions. In embracing both these avenues, we’ve meticulously expanded our reach and capabilities. This dual-faceted strategy positions us not just as a passive observer of industry shifts but as an agile and proactive participant, ready to pivot swiftly in response to the evolving needs of our customers and the ever-changing risk landscape.

Our remarkable journey: Fuelled by growth and innovation

We've had an exciting journey since 2015, hitting some impressive milestones, welcoming some of the most impressive businesses to the Group and updating our brand to reflect our growth. We're proud of everything we continue to achieve, thanks to the hard work of our fantastic team.

In a transformative move, we carved out the Engineering Inspection business from RSA, a FTSE 100 insurance company, leading to the formation of British Engineering Services and Irish Engineering Services. Spearheaded by Inflexion, this initiative not only marked a significant milestone but also bolstered our capabilities. Simultaneously, Vulcan Inspection Services was launched as a specialised brand to cater specifically to our then largest customer, NFU Mutual. Under the leadership of CEO Stewart Kay, this evolution set the stage for our commitment to innovative, customer-centric engineering inspection services.
November 2015
National Vulcan, one of our founding companies, traces its roots back to 1859 when it was established under the title of Steam Boiler Assurance Company. This longstanding legacy forms the bedrock of our commitment to excellence and reliability, laying the foundation for the exceptional services we provide today.
November, 2015
Our commitment to proximity and accessibility took a concrete form with the opening of our Manchester office on New York Street in April 2016. This strategic expansion aimed to better serve our clients, support our growth and enhance our operational reach.
April, 2016
In December 2020, we achieved a significant milestone with the opening of our Paul Forrester Training Centre. This state-of-the-art facility serves as a distinctive edge, setting us apart from competitors in the industry. The training centre represents our commitment to excellence by providing an in-house training hub for all our engineers.
December, 2020
Towards the end of the year, BES Group acquired Lantei Ltd, a specialist electrical solutions provider. The acquisition of Lantei allowed us to enhance our electrical proposition and offerings to our customers.
December, 2020
The end of 2020 witnessed a crucial step in our journey as BES Group acquired PCMS. This strategic move added a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our portfolio, further solidifying our position as a comprehensive provider of risk management solutions.
December, 2020
A testament to our dynamic business strategy, in February 2021, we achieved an industry first by our private equity house, Inflexion, reinvesting in BES Group for a second period. This strategic manoeuvre showcased our ability to navigate the business landscape with agility and foresight.
February, 2022
Our commitment to expanding our footprint and service capabilities led to the acquisition of Boyd Brothers Fauldhouse Ltd, an electrical solutions provider in Scotland. This move not only strengthened our regional presence but also added valuable expertise to our diverse portfolio.
March, 2021
In May 2021, we welcomed AWL, a testing business in South Shields, to BES Group. This acquisition expanded our testing capabilities.
May, 2021
In a strategic move to diversify our service offerings, BES Group acquired Notus Heavy Lifting Solutions in May 2022. This addition allowed us to broaden our capabilities and cater to a wider range of client needs.
May, 2022
To further enhance our engineering services, BES Group acquired XEIAD in August 2022. This addition reinforced our commitment to delivering top-tier engineering solutions and expertise.
August, 2022
The integration of Proviso into PCMS Eng Group in 2022 marked a seamless alignment of capabilities, contributing to the robustness of our service offerings and strengthening our position in the market.
August, 2022
September 2022 marked a significant milestone with the appointment of John Campbell as Group CEO. His leadership has been pivotal in steering BES Group towards new heights of success and innovation.
September, 2022
Our commitment to providing an exceptional work environment and facilitating collaboration took shape with our move to a new office on John Dalton Street in Manchester.
September, 2022
In a move to reflect our expanded service offerings and unified identity, PCMS and all companies within this division, rebranded to become BES Group Asset Reliability in November 2022.
November, 2022
Our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions saw further enrichment with the acquisition of Strainstall and Mimic, both of which joined us in our Asset Reliability division.
December, 2022
March 2023 witnessed the dawn of a new era as we proudly unveiled the new BES Group brand identity, symbolising our growth, evolution, and unwavering commitment to excellence in risk management solutions along with our commitments to ESG.
March, 2023
BES Group acquired ESIS Inspections in March 2023, adding significant expertise and capabilities to our inspection portfolio.
March, 2023
Our dedication to expanding our reach and capabilities continued with the acquisition of Alliance Inspection Ltd in June 2023, further enriching our service offerings.
June, 2023
In August 2023, BES Group expanded its testing capabilities with the acquisition of Rotech Labs Ltd, enhancing our expertise in Destructive Testing and bolstering our position as a comprehensive testing solutions provider.
August, 2023
August 2023 marked the launch of the BES Group Testing Division, this move allowed us to consolidate and elevate our testing services, providing clients with a one-stop solution for their testing needs.
October, 2023
Closing the year on a high note, BES Group acquired Inspire Structures and Inspire Access Solutions in December 2023, further expanding our inspection capabilities and reinforcing our commitment to delivering top-tier services to our clients.
December, 2023

Why we do what we do

Our mission

Our team

Our customers

A quote from our CEO

“The BES Group is a truly fantastic business with an exciting future. I am personally delighted to be a part of the extremely talented team, who are all focused on doing the right thing for our customers.

Our growth journey over the last few years is extremely impressive, and we’re focused on continuing this as a sustainable, trusted advisor for our external partners,” John Campbell, Group CEO.

John Campbell

Group Chief Executive Officer (Group CEO)

What makes us unique

We’re independent

We’re independent, which works for our people and our external partners.  Testing, inspection certification and compliance is everything we do, which means meeting the end-to-end risk management needs of our customers is our priority, 100% of the time.   

The Paul Forrester Training Centre

Our 25,000sq foot purpose-built training centre is one of a kind.  Based in the North West, our facility is fully kitted out with a useful variety of machinery and equipment, giving our Engineer Surveyors access to everything they need to continue their training in a safe, dedicated environment. For our customers, this means we can train our people in line with their needs, efficiently and to the very highest standard. With an ongoing focus on recruitment, our training centre is a hub of activity with hundreds of people taking part in training at this facility every year.

Training academies

Our very own internal training academies mean we are focused on training and developing our people from within, wherever possible.  This ensures our team is made up of the most dedicated professionals, who understand our business, our industry and our customers.

An end to end solution

As a result of our growth by acquisition over recent years, we operate as a ‘one stop shop’ risk management solutions provider for our customers.  We offer support at every stage of an assets life cycle, from concept right through to end of life decommissioning.

Our ESG commitment

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is key in everything do. Operating as the most responsible business is a priority for us and we’re delighted that we continue to make progress on this front.

From a focus on sustainability to supporting our customers with a diverse and inclusive team, we have an active ESG agenda that really helps make a difference.

Our accreditation and certification underpin everything we stand for as a responsible business, while also ensuring we are supported by the most knowledgeable organisations. Not only were we proud to receive prestigious ESGmark certifcation in 2023, but we also become a member of the UN Global Compact Network.

Find out more about our ESG agenda

Our investors

The BES Group has had the support of leading mid-market private equity firm, Inflexion, since 2015.
We’ve enjoyed impressive business growth during this time, more than doubling the size of our team and acquiring a number of complementary organisations along the way.

With a passion for each of their portfolio companies, Inflexion support our entrepreneurial and innovative approach and we’re delighted with our ongoing relationship.

Find out more about Inflexion

Our Senior Executive team

Hannah Mather

Group HR Director

Hannah is the longest serving member of the BES Group Senior Executive Team, having joined the company in 2015 just weeks after it was formed as an independent business.  With…

James Reeves

Group Chief Financial Officer (Group CFO)

James joined the BES Group from Liberty Specialty Markets in 2022, where he spent five years in Chief Financial Officer level roles.  With more than 15 years in director level…

John Breheny

Group Corporate Development Director

Joining us from Inflexion, our Private Equity (PE) investors, in 2022, John brings a wealth of valuable experience and knowledge.  His career spans more than 20 years, made up of…

John Campbell

Group Chief Executive Officer (Group CEO)

John has been with the BES Group as Group Chief Executive Officer since September 2022.  He is an accomplished board level leader having spent many years in several Managing Director…

John Lennox

Group Chief Operating Officer

John is an extremely experienced senior business leader and Operations professional, having spent more than 30 years in leadership roles in high profile, multinational organisations. With many of these years…

Trace Norton

Group Chief Customer and Commercial Officer

With more than 30 years’ experience in senior board level roles across multiple sectors, Trace is a valuable member of the BES Group team.  Having spent time in the most…

Walter Rowe

Group Technical Director

Walter is a driven and highly effective senior leader who has spent more than 15 years in Director level roles helping manage risk for a number of large and complex,…

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