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Humidity Testing

Humidity resistance testing, also known as humidity testing or humidity exposure testing, is a method used to assess how a material or product responds to elevated humidity levels.

Humidity resistance testing is conducted to assess the impact of specific environmental conditions on a sample or material. This test simulates real-life service conditions, including exposure to corrosive environments or prolonged heat and humidity.

It is an important finish test that provides our customers with valuable insights into how their products will perform in humid conditions. Our dedicated humidity cabinet performs extended temperature and humidity testing cycles, as well as condensing water, in accordance with various international test standards and custom specifications. This ensures that we provide reliable data on the material’s performance and potential degradation.

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Our humidity testing services are carried out on a variety of metals, including steel and aluminium alloys, stainless steel or coated metal samples that have undergone a finishing process or coating system.

We work with a range of sectors and industries to carry out humidity resistance testing, such as Aerospace, Kitchen and Bathroom, Window and Door Hardware and Automotive manufacturing sectors.

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Selecting the right conditions for reliable results

When it comes to choosing humidity testing, it’s important to remember a few important factors. These factors ensure that the testing is done properly and gives valuable information about how your materials or products perform and last in humid conditions.

Humidity Levels:  The test involves subjecting the specimen to elevated humidity levels, often exceeding normal environmental conditions. High humidity levels are created within the chamber to accelerate potential degradation processes.

Duration of Exposure: The duration of exposure varies depending on the testing standards and the intended application of the material or product. Exposure times can range from a few hours to several weeks.

Standards: Humidity resistance testing may be conducted according to specific industry standards or testing protocols. These standards provide guidelines on testing conditions, procedures, and acceptance criteria.

Applications: Humidity resistance testing is applicable to a wide range of industries, including electronics, automotive, aerospace, coatings, packaging, and materials science. It helps manufacturers ensure that products can withstand humid conditions without compromising performance.

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