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Corrosion Testing

Corrosion damage is the gradual deterioration of materials, typically metals, due to adverse reactions with the environment, such as exposure to moisture, oxygen, acids and other chemicals. 

The consequences of corrosion are extensive, impacting industries by causing structural failures, safety hazards, reduced strength and durability, loss of functionality, and increased maintenance expenses. Detecting the early signs of corrosion is crucial to either repair the damage or replace the affected components promptly.

Corrosion testing helps to analyse the material’s resistance to corrosion or identify any weakness and vulnerabilities. We test a variety of metals, including duplex and austenitic stainless steels and wrought nickel-rich chromium-bearing alloys. Our metallurgical team offers several different corrosion testing methods, including:

  • Intergranular Corrosion Testing (IGC)
  • Pitting Corrosion Testing
  • Corrosion Rate Testing
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Our Corrosion Testing Methods

Intergranular Corrosion (IGC)

Pitting Corrosion Testing

Rate Corrosion Testing

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