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Fracture Analysis

Our expert team specialises in providing comprehensive fracture analysis solutions to industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to manufacturing and materials research

Fractures can happen when a material experiences excessive loading, fatigue, or stress during service. Examining fractures and investigating why it happened is an essential step in fracture analysis, as it offers important insights into the reasons behind the breakage.

To determine the root cause of the fracture and identify any material defects or imperfections within the structure, we employ various testing techniques such as fracture analysis, fractography, and other in-depth examinations.

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What is Fracture Analysis?

Understanding the characteristics, mechanisms, and causes of fractures in metal components or structures is essential, and fracture analysis is the key process for achieving this. This analysis is particularly important in industries like aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and materials engineering, as it helps enhance product reliability, safety, and performance.

When conducting a fracture analysis examination, our skilled technicians thoroughly inspect the fractured areas of a failed component. They carefully examine and assess the fracture using either macroscopy or microscopy methods. These examinations enable us to investigate the material’s condition and structure, ultimately helping us determine the cause of the fracture. This knowledge is crucial for future applications in real service conditions.

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Our Fracture Analysis techniques

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Material Characterisation

Strength Testing

What causes fractures in metals?

Fractures can occur in metals due to a variety of reasons, ranging from material defects and environmental conditions to applied stresses and operational factors.

Here are some common reasons why fractures happen in metals:

  • Overloading or prolonged stress that exceeds the material’s strength
  • Material defects such as inclusions or impurities caused by manufacturing processes
  • Fatigue failures from repeated cyclic loading below the material’s ultimate strength
  • Brittle fractures caused by low temperatures, high strain rates, or the presence of hydrogen
  • Environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, chemical exposure, and corrosion,
  • Processing Defects such as improper heat treatment, forging defects, casting porosity, or insufficient material thickness.
  • Poor design choices, such as sharp corners, abrupt changes in geometry, or inadequate fillets, can create stress concentrations that promote crack initiation and propagation. 8.
  • Metals can fracture under sudden impact or shock loading, especially if they are not designed to withstand such loading conditions.

Understanding the underlying mechanisms and factors contributing to fractures in metals is crucial for implementing preventive measures and ensuring the reliability and safety of metal components and structures in various applications.

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