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Microhardness Testing

Microhardness tests offer precise and accurate insights into materials characterised by fine microstructures. This testing method is specifically applied to assess very thin, layered samples of metals, using extremely light loads.

Microhardness testing is a specialised technique used to determine the hardness of small-scale specimens or thin sections with exceptional precision.

Unlike traditional hardness testing methods like Rockwell or Brinell, which are mainly performed on larger samples, microhardness testing focuses on examining tiny and specific areas of a material. This approach is particularly beneficial when dealing with small or delicate samples, as well as when evaluating variations in hardness within a material’s different phases or structures.

This allows for a more detailed and localised analysis compared to standard hardness tests, leading to a deeper understanding of how materials behave under different conditions and environments.

The meticulous nature of microhardness testing enables practitioners to identify subtle differences in hardness distribution, helping to pinpoint potential weak points, defects, or variations within the material’s structure.

As a result, this level of detail enhances the precision of material characterisation and enables more informed decision-making in areas such as material selection, process optimisation, and quality control.

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Unlocking the secrets of microstructural hardness variations

Micro-hardness testing is ideal for the following applications:

  • Coating hardness
  • Surface hardness
  • Case depth
  • Hardness of fragile or brittle metals
  • Microstructural hardness variations

Discover the hidden strength within materials with microhardness testing!

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Our Microhardness Tests

Vickers Microhardness

Knoop Microhardness

Microhardness testing is ideal for smaller samples or fragile materials

Microhardness testing is widely employed in materials science, metallurgy, and quality control for various purposes, including:

  • Thin Film Evaluation: Assessing the hardness of thin films or coatings on substrates.
  • Phase Identification: Determining variations in hardness between different phases or constituents within a material.
  • Heat Treatment Assessment: Evaluating the effectiveness of heat treatments on localized areas of a material.
  • Microstructure Analysis: Studying the hardness of specific microstructural features in metals or alloys.
  • Small-Scale Sample Testing: Testing small or delicate samples where traditional hardness tests may not be practical.

Microhardness testing provides valuable insights into the mechanical properties of materials on a smaller scale, allowing for more detailed and localised analysis compared to standard hardness tests.

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