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Tank Floor Settlement Surveys to EEMUA 159

Your trusted advisor for tank floor settlement surveys

Ensure the structural integrity of your storage tanks with our comprehensive Tank Settlement, Differential Settlement, and Tank Floor Surveys.

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Industry leading tank floor settlement surveys

The integrity of storage tanks is paramount in the industrial and commercial sectors, as they hold a variety of hazardous and valuable substances. However, over time, tanks can experience settlements, which can lead to structural defects and potentially catastrophic failures. At BES Group, we’ll help you safeguard your operations and protect the environment with our comprehensive tank settlement, differential settlement, and tank floor surveys to thoroughly assess the condition of your tanks and identify any potential issues.

Our tank settlement surveys employ cutting-edge laser level technology to precisely measure and record settlement levels in designated locations as per EEMUA guidelines. This advanced method ensures accurate and reliable data, providing a clear picture of the tank’s overall integrity.

We meticulously monitor edge settlement, which occurs when the tank shell settles sharply around the periphery, causing deformation of the bottom plate near the shell-to-bottom junction. This condition can significantly compromise the structural integrity of the tank, making it vulnerable to ruptures and leaks.

Our qualified EEMUA Tank Assessors apply EEMUA 159 calculations, the widely accepted industry standard for tank integrity assessments, to determine if the recorded settlement levels fall within acceptable limits. This rigorous evaluation provides a comprehensive assessment of the tank’s structural stability.

To ensure the effectiveness of our surveys, we require specific information regarding the tank’s type and diameter to tailor our methodologies accordingly. Additionally, the tank interior should be clean and accessible to facilitate accurate measurements.

We strongly recommend conducting a comprehensive EEMUA 159 tank inspection alongside our settlement survey. This holistic approach provides a comprehensive evaluation of the tank’s condition, including its structural integrity, corrosion, and overall condition.

Our team of highly experienced and qualified inspectors provides you with the most comprehensive tank settlement, differential settlement, and tank floor surveys possible. We are committed to ensuring the safety and integrity of your storage tanks, protecting your operations and safeguarding the environment.

Contact BES Group today to schedule a tank settlement, differential settlement, and tank floor survey and take the necessary steps to maintain the structural integrity of your storage tanks. Together, we can prevent potential disasters and ensure the safety of your operations.

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Commitment to quality

BES Group is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality services possible. We use state-of-the-art equipment and software, and our assessors are all certified to the highest standards. 

Industry expertise

Our specialist experience in EEMUA 159 (Qualified Tank Assessors), pressure vessels, and a wide range of industries allows us to apply the best-fit procedures and code calculations to non-code-built assets.

Nationwide service offering

No matter where you're based, we're proud to say that we can carry out Tank Inspections on sites throughout in the UK. 

Industry statistics


According to the Energy Institute, 10% of tank failures due to structural defects are caused by settlement issues. (Energy Institute, 2022)


A study by the American Petroleum Institute found that settlement-related tank failures account for 20% of all tank failures. (American Petroleum Institute, 2019)

4.9 million

The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 4.9 million gallons of oil are spilled annually due to tank failures, with settlement being a major contributing factor. (US Environmental Protection Agency, 2021)


What are the causes of tank settlement?


What are the signs of tank settlement?


Hear what our customers have to say

We care about the journey we take our customers on, but it’s not our word you should be taking, see what our customers think of the service we provided!

The BES inspectors are way more technically competent and diligent compared to other providers. I previously used Allianz, and BES definitely stands out due to their strong technical competence and strong back office support.


Project Operations Manager

The industry requires competence to be demonstrated, typically through UKAS accreditation, which is a prerequisite for many major clients. BES is type A accredited, which is preferred, they can provide highly objective opinions.


Senior Project Manager

BES is a really disruptive force in the market, they are able to provide a variety of necessary services to their customers and none of the other big players are able to provide that breadth of services.

Industry competitor

We have been with BES for the past 5 years and don’t plan on switching providers. They are very flexible with their services and are able to bring the best inspectors who can deal with on the ground challenges and build real relationships with clients.


Global Technical Services Manager

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