Reduce risk and maintain compliance with our specialist risk management services.

We’re proud to be a leading provider of complete life cycle risk management solutions. From ensuring asset safety and legal compliance with our thorough engineering inspections to driving operational efficiency with our specialist non-destructive testing services, (and much more in between), we’re proud of the long-lasting partnerships we have formed with our customers over the last 160 years, based on the value of our solutions.

Working with the BES Group

We’re an award winning provider of risk management services. Our planning approach is quick, efficient and flexible to your needs. Our welcome guide below walks you through the inspection portal, reporting and any key contacts you may need through your journey. Download our helpful guide below for more information on how we’ll work together.

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Our Risk Management Services

At the BES Group, we offer a professional, friendly, and efficient experience to all our partners. We’re extremely proud to work to the highest industry standards across our end-to-end risk management services. You can have guaranteed peace of mind knowing that your people, equipment, and most precious assets are safe, compliant and risk free.

Explore our wide range of risk management solutions and get in touch to discuss your unique risk management requirements.

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Do you need some additional guidance or support? We support our clients with a range of services, from inspections through to certifications, remedials and even installations. Our diverse team of specialists consist of Specialist Engineers, Technical Support and dedicated account managers. To discover how else we can support you, get in touch with the BES Group

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