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We’re proud to be a leading provider of complete life cycle risk management solutions. From ensuring asset safety and legal compliance with our thorough engineering inspections to driving operational efficiency with our specialist non-destructive testing services, (and much more in between), we’re proud of the long-lasting partnerships we have formed with our customers over the last 160 years, based on the value of our solutions.

Welcome to Inspire Structures and Inspired Access Solutions

19 December 2023

We are delighted to share that we have welcomed Inspire Structures and Inspired Access Solutions to the BES Group. These are two fantastic businesses, well known in their industry for delivering a leading service. They are the seventh and eighth companies to join the BES Group by acquisition in the last 16 months, taking our complete team to nearly 1,700 of the most highly skilled people.

Inspire Structures is a specialist in the management and inspection of infrastructure assets, such as railway structures.  They provide safety-focused, high-precision structure inspections, competency assessments, associated training, and engineering services to asset owners.  Inspired Access Solutions works with its customers to support them with rope access and innovative suspended access systems for challenging structures.

“Like the BES Group, we are focused on the safety of our employees and our customers and it’s important that we have the very best team to help ensure we can deliver this.  We are extremely pleased to be joining an industry leading business that has the same priorities and values that we do and we’re looking forward to an exciting future as part of the BES Group,” said Joanna Thompson, Managing Director of Inspire Structures.

“We are focused on the ongoing growth of the BES Group, both organically and by acquisition, and have welcomed eight fantastic companies to our organisation in the last 16 months.  Inspire Structures and Inspired Access Solutions are a great fit, with two excellent teams and we know they will support the future growth plans of the BES Group,” said John Campbell, Group Chief Executive Officer.

The continued success of the BES Group is something we are extremely proud of.  We have welcomed 15 businesses, all leaders in their field, to our organisation since we formed as an independent business in 2015.  This has reinforced the end-to-end risk management solutions we provide our customers with, ensuring we are truly unique in our industry.