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BES Group proudly signs the Armed Forces Covenant

With a highly skilled and experienced team made up of so many service leavers, we are delighted to share that we have now formalised our commitment to this important community by signing the Armed Forces Covenant. 

On March 27th 2023, Jonathan Peden or BES Group and Wg Cdr Martin Morris shake hands following BES Group signing the Armed Forces Covenant

Yesterday was an exciting day for BES Group as we welcomed Wg Cdr Martin Morris and Louisa Blakemore, Regional Employer Engagement Director, North West Reserved Forces and Cadets Association, to our industry leading Training Centre, to co-sign the Covenant alongside our very own Jonathan Peden, Inspection Services Director.  Even better, through our ongoing partnership with Careers Transition Partnership (CTP), we were also proud to host a number of military leavers looking for their next civilian career move, at the same location.

The group not only witnessed the signing of the Covenant, but also spent time learning about the many benefits being part of BES Group brings.  Matt Bradley, Technical Training Centre Manager and ex Royal Airforce Engineer, took the group on an in-depth tour of our training facility and also shared more about his own transition from the armed forces to BES Group.

Jonathan said:

“As someone who also started my career in the Royal Air Force, I am extremely proud to be a part of this experience which formally recognises BES Groups commitment, privilege and ongoing investment in supporting the future of our ex-military colleagues,”

With a focus on continuing to recruit the very best people to our team and so many service leavers bringing so much value to our business every day, we were delighted with the positive feedback shared throughout the session.

“This was a fantastic moment for us all across BES Group.  Signing the Covenant really reinforces the importance of service leavers to our company, past, present and future and we are delighted to have achieved this,” said John Lennox, Chief Operating Officer.

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