Reduce risk and maintain compliance with our specialist risk management services.

We’re proud to be a leading provider of complete life cycle risk management solutions. From ensuring asset safety and legal compliance with our thorough engineering inspections to driving operational efficiency with our specialist non-destructive testing services, (and much more in between), we’re proud of the long-lasting partnerships we have formed with our customers over the last 160 years, based on the value of our solutions.

Safeguarding critical railway bridges from flood damage

Network Rail




Wales, United Kingdom


Monitoring - Geotechnical and Construction

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Our partnership with Network Rail


The Challenge

The Solution

The Result

Key outcomes

Reduced delays, compensation, and improved passenger experience.

Improved prediction ability during floods.

Reduction of inspection needs after floods.

A quote from the client

“The equipment has supported both the safety and operational decision-making process, in terms of reducing the dependence on staff to venture out on site to check the bridge during extreme weather events and it enables Wales Route Control to provide sufficient notice to Transport for Wales to manage their operations including the suspension or termination of services before the bridge is closed due to flooding.”

Kevin Giles, Senior Asset Engineer

Network Rail Wales Structures

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