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ISO Auditing

Our partnership with Mercedes F1

Project overview

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The solution

The results

Key outcomes

Mercedes F1 maintains ISO9001 accreditation with the help of the BES Group.

A quote from the client

“As we approach our ISO 9001:2015 re-certification date it’s encouraging to recognise the benefits that our Quality Management System has brought to the team; Improved quality in issue resolution, tracking of process and product performance and a significant cultural shift through the organisation delivering widespread improvements, all contributing to significant gains in car reliability and business efficiency.

It has been great to have BES Group’ experience, complemented by the depth and breadth of their audit team to support our development of the QMS since its inception. Critically to us, it is important to recognise the time that they have taken to understand the business model and its needs and how our QMS aims to maintain appropriate control, while retaining the agility we need to remain competitive in a fast moving, highly complex technical environment.”

Alex Varnarva

Head of Quality Systems and Engineering for Mercedes F1

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