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Resolving Electrical Issues: Our Solution

19 May 2023

Keeping your electrical systems complaint and people safe. Simple.

Have you recently had an Electrical Installation Condition Report inspection (EICR) carried out and had faults and issues brought to your attention, and now need to make sure your system is compliant?
Whether you have outdated wiring, faulty sockets, or other electrical issues, it’s so important you have them rectified to stay compliant and before they snowball into full-scale costly problems.


What are Remedial Works?

Electrical remedial works refer to the process of repairing or upgrading a business or workplace’s electrical systems to make sure they are safe and up to British Standards, as per BS 7671. There’s a whole host of faults that can be found in an electrical installation, with just some of the issues that are fixed during remedial works including:

  • Replacing outdated wiring
  • Repairs to electrical installation following an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR, also known as a Fixed Wire Test)
  • Upgrading existing installations in line with BS 7671 18th Edition Amendment Two
  • Replacement of damaged electrical installations
  • Addressing any other issues that could cause harm
  • Plus, many more

Our team of specialist engineer surveyors have the expertise to rectify any faults in your electrical installations to make sure your system is up to code. Speak to one of our specialists today to discuss your requirements.


When Would I Have Remedial Works Carried Out?

You would be responsible for organising remedial works if an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) on your property found any faults or issues in your electrical installations. During an EICR, the electrician or electrical engineer carrying out the inspection will check that your electrical installations are safe for continued use and make notes of faults, their severity, and their level of risk to the people that use them.


Remedial Repairs Following an EICR

Following your EICR test, your installation will be rated satisfactory or unsatisfactory, in which case you’ll receive a report that should clearly show where any faults have been found. A code will have been assigned to each one detailing the level of risk associated with the issue, and these codes are:

  • Code C1 Fault – This is given when there’s a significant risk of immediate danger and requires urgent attention and repair as soon as possible. It’s strongly recommended you do not use the electrical system until it’s fixed.
  • Code C2 Fault – This means the electrical installation is in unsatisfactory condition with the risk of potential danger and requires attention straight away.
  • Code C3 Fault – If a fault in your electrical system has been assigned a C3, it means that a fault has been found and there are recommended improvements that can be made.


The Benefits of Remedial Works

Aside from making sure any issues in your electrical installations are fixed and compliant, ensuring your electrical systems is fully up to code can have huge benefits, including:

  • Ensure the safety of your property and its occupants
  • Avoid potential legal and financial consequences
  • Avoid costly issues down the line

No matter what, our customer’s safety comes before everything else. We’ll work with you to make sure your installations are safe for you and your people, with minimal disruption to your daily operations.


Our Requirements

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 places legal duties on employers to protect their employees by providing a safe working environment. Statutory Compliance is a legal obligation, and as a nominated person for your business, it’s your responsibility to make sure your workplace is compliant. Also, all electrical installations need to be maintained in line with the current BS 7671 18th Edition Wiring Regulations.

The BES Group are proud to work closely with Facilities Managers, Business Owners, Operations Managers and Health, Safety and Compliance Managers. We’re committed to making sure workplaces are compliant with the relevant regulations and, most importantly, are safe for you and your team.


The BES Group Solution

When it comes to the safety of you and your people, don’t take chances. And that’s where we come in.

The BES Group have a nationwide team of the very best nationwide engineers with the expertise and qualifications to have any issues in your electrical installation rectified quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your business or workplace operations. In fact, that’s just our thing. No matter your location, we’ll keep you protected.

At the BES Group, not only can we make sure your electrical installations are safe and compliant, we also offer specialist services that make sure your appliances, emergency light systems and lighting are in full working order with our comprehensive end-to-end service.

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