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How Electric Vehicle Chargepoints Can Generate Revenue for Your Business

16 June 2023

In the UK right now, every 5th car sold is an electric vehicle (EV), and with ESG very much on organisations’ agenda, more and more offices and SMEs (Small or Medium sized Enterprises) are working with their teams to make the switch.

However, while it’s clear to see the uptake in EVs, charging infrastructure still needs to catch up. It’s estimated that to cater to the number of EVs on the road by 2030, we’ll need 4 chargers for every EV.
Taking the step now to install EV chargers at your workplace or business won’t just help with the upcoming demand but can also be an opportunity for you to generate income and attract customers and talent who are actively seeking sustainable transportation options.

Whether you’re a large retail operator with a car park or a small office space, installing EV infrastructure at your premises can help boost efficiency, convenience, and cost-effectiveness for you and your business while actively contributing to the growth of the electric vehicle market, paving the way for a more sustainable future.


The Cost to Install Electric Vehicle Charging Points

So, if you’ve decided you’re going to have electric vehicle chargepoints installed at your business, you’ll need to consider their cost. Costs can vary massively based on multiple factors, including:

  • Where the charge points will be located
  • Whether they’re single or multi-points
  • And how fast they can charge.

Our team of specialists can help you decide on the right charging point for your budget


Choosing the Right Type of Chargepoint for Your Business

When it comes to selecting the right chargepoints for your business, several factors need to be taken into account. You should:

  • Consider the location of the chargepoint and the types of vehicles that will be utilising it.
    Evaluate the charging speed and power output of the chargepoint, which will depend on the specific electric vehicles and their estimated parking duration.
  • Decide on your payment plan. Will it be free to use for your customers, or will they need to pay a fee? You should also decide whether payments can be made through a mobile app or credit card reader.

Once you’ve decided on this, you can start the process to get your electric vehicle chargepoints installed!


How to Increase Your Charging Points Revenue

One of the most crucial factors for generating revenue from your electric vehicle chargepoints is setting the right price for your services. Once you’ve installed your chargers, there are several models you can use to help generate revenue from your EV charging points, the most obvious one being charging your customers when they park up to charge.

However, you can also offer free EV charging for your customers. In turn, this means they’re more likely to shop at your business, stay for longer, and spend more money with your organisation.

When you’re figuring out the price, make sure to take into account the:

  • Cost of electricity
  • Maintenance expenses
  • Any other associated costs.

Offering different pricing options, such as pay-per-use or monthly subscriptions, can also attract a wider range of customers. For more information on setting your business up with electric vehicle charging points, fill out your details in our contact form below, and a member of the team will be in touch.


Maintaining Your Charging Points

Once you have installed electric vehicle chargepoints at your business, it’s important for you to make sure they’re kept in good condition. This helps ensure customer satisfaction by maximising revenue potential, preventing breakdowns, and keeping your chargepoints charging. Not only can we install your chargepoints, but with our team of expert engineer surveyors, we can also help you maintain them.


Why Should You Install Electric Vehicle Chargepoints?

Investing in electric vehicle chargepoints can reap many benefits for your business. Not only can they be a source of income, but they can also:

  • Attract customers who are looking for sustainable transportation options
  • Enhance your brand image and showcase your commitment to environmental responsibility
  • Lower your business’s carbon footprint


The BES Group solution

We’re proud to say that the BES Group is a registered installer with the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV). This means we’re the experts when it comes to dealing with customer needs, with a government stamp of approval to show for it.

If you aren’t sure what charging options are suitable for you, we offer a free initial consultation, where one of our specialists will answer your questions and explore which grants are most suitable for you and your business.

We aren’t just OZEV-approved; we also work in partnership with electric vehicle charger manufacturers. This means that we’ll only ever supply you with the perfect OZEV-approved charger for you, based on your site requirements and preferences.

What’s more, we offer a complete, project-managed, end-to-end service that covers everything from the first consultation all the way through to ongoing maintenance and servicing once your charger has been installed.

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