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Everything You Need to Know About Our Awareness Training Courses

11 May 2023

When it comes to personal and professional development for the workplace, we have you covered. We have a range of awareness courses that are designed to provide you with the basics in a whole host of asset reliability topics.


From Ultrasonics to Vibration Analysis, Thermography to Lubrication Analysis, we’ve covered all bases, and are here to help you on your professional development journey. Read more for an insight into each of our awareness courses, detailing what you’ll learn and how they can benefit you!

Our reliability and condition-based maintenance awareness courses are ideal for beginners with no prior qualifications in the subject. If you want to learn more about thermographic technology, or what vibration analysis is useful for, or how ultrasonic imagine can be applied, we have the course for you.

Our awareness courses give a thorough overview of the topic, going into detail about the benefits of each, their applications, how to take measurements correctly, and much more! Plus, no matter what, we can meet your requirements. Whether you’d rather attend the course at one of our training centres, have us come to your place of business, or learn online, no matter what, you’ll receive a comprehensive education from the very best tutors.


Our Awareness Courses


CBM Awareness

Our CBM course explores the core range of Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) technologies, with the aim to give you a comprehensive understanding of the tools and techniques as well as their key role in a reliability improvement programme.

If you act on results or interact regularly with service vendors or those that are responsible for CBM, but aren’t directly responsible yourself, this course is the perfect opportunity for you to gain a good understanding of these technologies. Plus, all of our awareness courses can be modified and combined to meet your requirements.

Using a bespoke mix of theory, practical, and real-life examples, our qualified and experienced trainers will help reinforce key learning points to ensure you gain a thorough understanding of CBM.


Vibration Analysis Awareness

If you want a basic introduction on how to accurately collect a vibration measurement from rotating machinery by using a vibration data collector, we have you covered! Not only will you learn how to collect data when you embark on this course, but you’ll also learn how to upload the collected data to a database for analysis and reporting.

Whether you’re new to vibration analysis or are responsible for collecting vibration data in the field and want to become more efficient in collecting, understanding, and interpreting data for fault diagnosis and correction, we’re here for you.

If you want to go on to gain an accredited qualification in Vibration Analysis, this course is the perfect jumping off point for your progression onto our Category 1 BINDT Vibration Analysis course.


Lubrication Analysis Awareness

Our Lubrication Analysis Awareness Course is suited for those who want a brief introduction into lubrication and oil analysis to suit their needs at work. During the course, you’ll gain a strong foundation of lubricant analysis knowledge, covering the fundamentals of lubrication and learning how to recognise common lubrication issues around the plant and how to fix them.

When you gain the qualification, you’ll leave the course with a better understanding of lubrication, become equipped with the knowledge to progress onto our BINDT Lubrication Analysis Category 1 course, or even just have a better idea of the work your asset reliability workplace carries out, leaving you better equipped to deal with any unforeseen situations that arise.

Our lubrication awareness course is also the perfect starting point if you want to gain an accredited qualification with our Category 1 BINDT Lubrication Analysis course.


Ultrasonics Awareness

Our ultrasonics awareness course offers a basic introduction to the topic and is perfect for those that might work with ultrasound equipment but haven’t been trained to use it, or for those who are new to ultrasonics and want to gain a better understanding of how the technology works.

During the course, delegates will learn about the different types of ultrasound waves, the applications that ultrasound testing can be applied to, and how to take even more effective measurements using your own or industry standard equipment.

And no matter your requirements, we can adjust the course material to meet your needs, focusing on the applications that are relevant to your plant.


Thermal Imaging Awareness

Thermography involves using thermal imagers, to measure the natural emission of infrared radiation from a heated object in order to produce a thermal picture or video.

Whether you want to build upon your thermography knowledge, or you’re required to utilise this equipment in your workplace, we have you covered. In fact, our thermography awareness course is ideal for those tasked with taking accurate measurements and interpreting results in their workplace, with our course content focusing on enabling delegates to be able to take images and identify common problems that exist within plants.

We really know what we’re doing. Our thermography awareness course will make sure that you’ll leave with the confidence to take accurate measurements with the ability to interpret the results effectively.


Bespoke Training

Not seen a topic on here that suits your reliability needs? Would you like to combine any of the above topics into a tailored course?

We can tailor our courses to meet your reliability requirements, using our range of awareness course topics, at different levels, to create a bespoke package that ensures you learn everything you need to.

And we can provide our awareness courses at a site that suits you! Whether that’s at your place of business, online, at one of our training facilities, for individuals, or for a larger group, we have it covered. Just speak to one of our specialists to find out how our bespoke training packages can support you.

We’re proud to be an industry-leading supplier of reliability services. Our training courses are here to make sure you have the knowledge to do the right thing, at the right time, with no delay.

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