Why Choose - Category: Inspection

Your safety, our priority

Safety isn’t just a checkbox; it’s a commitment. With BES Group, rest assured that your projects are in secure hands. We prioritise the well-being of your team and the protection of your assets

Accredited Inspections

Our engineer surveyors are accredited to the highest industry standards, which means we’re well equipped to carry out our complete inspection service offering, no matter your requirements.

Inspection Expertise

We offer a comprehensive suite of inspection services, including statutory and specialist inspections. This means that we can inspect a wide variety of equipment and assets, regardless of their industry or application. We also have the expertise to conduct complex inspections, such as non-destructive testing and risk assessments. 

We’re Committed

We’ll get to know your equipment inside and out through our full asset life cycle services, instead of only carrying out one-off inspections.

Standardised Testing

All our radiographic inspections are conducted in accordance with established methods and procedures and evaluated against relevant standards.