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We’re proud to be a leading provider of complete life cycle risk management solutions. From ensuring asset safety and legal compliance with our thorough engineering inspections to driving operational efficiency with our specialist non-destructive testing services, (and much more in between), we’re proud of the long-lasting partnerships we have formed with our customers over the last 160 years, based on the value of our solutions.

Materials We Test

We provide rapid, reliable, and comprehensive material testing services for metals.

Partnering with us to meet your testing requirements has never been easier. We’re an award-winning material testing laboratory with a wealth of expertise in material analysis. We test to understand the composition, strength and quality of your materials and products. Our accredited team of specialists provide a comprehensive range of testing methods for a range of materials. To discuss your requirements, request a consultation from our friendly advisors.

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We’re experts in material testing

As a trusted partner to thousands of clients, we’re proud to facilitate a wide range of material testing services for your metal materials, compounds, and products.

At BES Group, all our material tests are set to the highest national and international standards ranging from International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) to ASTM and British Standards (BS). Our material testing laboratory is also NADCAP accredited for cleanliness testing (AC7004 and AC7108).

We test any metal materials including aluminium, steel, copper, magnesium, and metal alloys. This list is by no means exhaustive. Our accredited team of material testing specialists work with a broad range of sectors from manufacturing and fasteners to retail, energy, oil, gas and marine.

Whether you need advice on quality compliance, routine tests , failure investigations or chemical analysis BES Group are your trusted partner for reliable material tests. Get comprehensive results from a trusted, professional laboratory, ask the BES Group for a consultation.

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“This metallurgical laboratory offers a wide variety of technical services. Located in the Heart of the Black Country it is always busy but turnaround times are good. Reception staff are very helpful and you can talk to their experts if you need advice”
– Neil | Client of BES Group

What metal materials do the BES Group test?

At BES Group, we provide a comprehensive range of material testing solutions to meet your requirements. We can provide tests for any metal materials, including aluminium, steel, copper, and metal alloys. Our team also test any product providing it is metal. This may include pipes, tubes, nuts, fasteners, hand tools and even domestic products. This list is by no means exhaustive, learn more about the materials and compounds the BES Group test for and those we do not offer material tests for.


Materials we don’t test

  • Building Materials : Wood, charcoal paper, Concrete, bricks
  • Liquids and Consumables: Water, Glue, Oil, Paints, Food, Drinks
  • Plastics and composites: Fire resistance testing materials, plastics and composites
  • Natural and organic materials: Plants, soils, animal based products or organic substances
  • Miscellaneous Materials: Cosmetics, Fabrics (textiles and fibres), Glass, sand, Powders

Metal elements we test

  • Silicon, Boron
  • Iron, Copper, Tin, Nickel, Zinc, Zicronium, Cobalt, Chromium, Titanium, Niobium, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Tantalum, Silver, Platinum and Gold
  • Lead, Aluminium, Tin, Bismuth, Gallium
  • Carbon, Nitrogen, Sulfur, Phosphorous,
  • Magnesium


Materials we test

  •  Alloys:Aluminium alloys, Aluminium alloys (wrought), Ferrous based alloys, Nickel alloys, Copper alloys, Nickel alloys (duplex)
  • Steels: High alloyed steels, Low alloyed steels, Cobalt steels, Plain carbon steels, Austenitic stainless steels, Chromium bearing steels
  •  Iron: Cast Iron
  • Paint and varnishes* for adhesion testing and environmental testing only
  • Metallic coatings (plating, powders, paints)

Get reliable, comprehensive testing results that quantify the composition, strength and quality of your metal materials and products

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How does the material testing process work?

At the BES Group, we ensure our material testing processes are thorough, transparent, and delivered with a fast turnaround.

As UKAS and NADCAP (AC7004 and AC7108 and AC7108/6 revision I and revision C) accredited specialists we’re trusted by thousands to provide comprehensive, easy to understand material testing results. If you have a metal product and are unsure of what material tests need to be carried out on your sample, you needn’t worry. Our friendly team of specialists are available for consultations. Start your partnership by sending an enquiry using our contact form. We can also make site visits to discuss more unique requirements.

Once we’ve received your enquiry, we’ll work on your bespoke testing requirements, create a lead time and quotation. Thereafter, a member of our team will discuss your material testing process from start to finish.  Thereafter, you will need to send us a sample of your product. Once we receive your sample, all relevant tests will be carried out and you will be provided with a comprehensive report detailing results.

Sending metal materials for samples

How can I send you a sample?


What is the turnaround time for material testing?


What happens after my sample has been tested?


I’m unsure of how to interpret the test report. What shall I do?


Why is material testing important?

Understanding how materials behave under stressful conditions can be beneficial to the manufacturing, engineering, and design process.

Destructive testing techniques also play a key role in failure investigations by providing further information about the potential root causes of failures. The type of destructive test required is normally advised by the material’s own standard or specification. If, however, the material is unknown, our technologists are happy to carry out chemical analysis tests to help you identify the material through verifying it’s chemical properties.

BES Group provide bespoke, and reliable destructive testing services. Our commitment to providing friendly and professional advice allows us to tailor testing services to your bespoke requirements. This means we help you determine how much stress your samples can withstand within it’s intended environment. Our team of experts will also work with you to develop a bespoke testing plan for your destructive testing requirements.

Learn more about our destructive testing services

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What type of testing do you require?
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