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Remote Monitoring and Data Services

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Our partnership with Lancaster University


The challenge

The Solution

The result

Key outcomes

This system was developed to be retrofittable to most ships 

AI technology condition monitoring software was developed to help companies make maintenance decisions based on condition and performance 

Optimised maintenance and reduced costs

A quote from the client

“It has been an excellent opportunity for us to work with BES Mimic Group Asset Reliability, a leading provider of condition monitoring software and services to the shipping industry worldwide. The team at BES Group Asset Reliability has been really helpful and provided particular requirements for investigating condition monitoring algorithms and systems within marine ships. The experience has greatly helped to convince the viability of the proposed project. We are looking forward to our next collaboration with them.”

Dr. Xiandong Ma

Lancaster University

“This research has helped enormously with deeper signal processing than was currently undertaken and has resulted in a deeper understanding of machinery fault situations. By entering into this project with the University, we secured a concentrated effort and powerful resource able to focus on areas that we are prevented from considering by the day-to-day pressures involved with a normal business. We are now able to use the knowledge and information to develop new ways of searching for machinery faults amongst a clutter of normal operational data. After struggling for many years to find the time away from the coal face to concentrate on new projects we now have the confidence to engage with the University in the future to simplify the process of gaining the knowledge we need to progress”.

Martin Briddon

Engineering Manager, British Engineering Services Asset Reliability Mimic

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