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We’re proud to be a leading provider of complete life cycle risk management solutions. From ensuring asset safety and legal compliance with our thorough engineering inspections to driving operational efficiency with our specialist non-destructive testing services, (and much more in between), we’re proud of the long-lasting partnerships we have formed with our customers over the last 160 years, based on the value of our solutions.

XT550 – Easy Laser

Introducing the Easy-Laser® XT550 Shaft System: revolutionising hazardous area machinery alignment.

Operated via the XT Alignment app, it ensures precision in horizontal and vertical/flange mounted machinery alignment. The XT550’s capabilities include base twist, bearing play, and soft foot checks, all effortlessly documented and shared. Redefining industry standards, it merges safety, accuracy, and efficiency for optimal performance.



Easy-Laser XT550 – Ex/ATEX Shaft alignment

The Easy-Laser® XT550 Shaft system is developed for hazardous areas and is easily operated through our XT Alignment app. It is an advanced measurement system for alignment of horizontal and vertical/flange mounted rotating machinery.​ With XT550 you can carry out the following:

  • Align the machine
  • Check base twist
  • Check bearing play
  • Check soft foot
  • Document and share the results

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